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Doheme wants to make public transportation free in Quebec

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The leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party surprised more than Wednesday by proposing to offer public transport users free in the capital, a measure more closely associated with parties to the left of the political spectrum.

At the same time, he reiterated his request for a moratorium on the construction of a tram line in Quebec City.

Public opinion poll

Based on the results of the poll conducted by his party, he indicated that only 38% of the population of the urban census area in Quebec support the project.

We can’t keep moving forward with the project [que] People do not want to. This is our point of viewEric Duhemy summarized.

Eric Duhemy believes that the implementation of free transport will make it possible to check whether there is a “real appetite” for a greater supply of public transport in Quebec.

Photo: Radio Canada

According to him, the free admission, along with the moratorium, will make it possible to increase the use of public transport in Quebec City at the present time, without having to wait for the tram to come into service.

project dangerous

In addition to avoiding the billions of dollars of investment needed to build them and chop down hundreds of mature trees along the way, his proposal, he says, would save an average of $1,000 per year per user.

I think free transportation is more likely to increase public transportation rather than investing more than $4 billion in a risky venture. »

Quote from Eric Duhemé, leader of the Quebec Conservative Party

Eric Dohemy also announced that his party will organize a demonstration on June 9 to demand a halt to the use of the tram.

It intends to form the municipality of Quebec 21, which is also opposed to the Marchand administration tram project, to participate.

Not the right project for Quebec

It’s time to speak out on behalf of the residents, who are not convinced that this is the right project for Quebec. After using all possible levers at the municipal level, the debate is now on the provincial stage.said party leader Eric Ralph Mercer.

A button that leads to the gate on the Quebec tram line

For her part, Transition Québec president Jackie Smith responded by saying that Eric Duhemy seemed to forget that the tram was going. Created 19,000 jobs and generated more than 3 billion in investments.

It is a false dilemma to have to choose between a tramway, a profitable project, and free public transportationThe counselor of Limoilou argued.

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