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Many great white sharks head to Atlantic Canada

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The northward migration of great white sharks is in full swing, so fish demonized by Jaws in the late 1970s could be unusually present along Canada’s Atlantic coast this summer.

Already, in the past few days, the transmitter of at least four sharks recorded by the research organization Ocearch has been discovered off the coast of the Atlantic provinces.

The first crystal – 10 feet tall – was spotted in the Bay of Fundy.

On Sunday, Haley’s transmitter — a female over 10 feet tall and nearly 700 pounds — was spotted at the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia.

On the same day and Monday, two sharks over 10 feet high visited the waters off Lunenburg.

A visit by these four sharks may be the tip of the iceberg: At least 25 sharks recorded by Ocearch are currently sailing off New England states.

As the waters warm in summer, all these fish continue their northward migration.

The passage of a great white shark off the coast of Acadia and the Magdalen Islands in the summer is not unusual. In the past, sharks such as Brunswick and Hurtle have ventured into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and the Baie de Chalure.

On the other hand, this summer, the maps shared by Ocearch suggest that visitors with big teeth may be more numerous.

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