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Marc Fournier returns to a spooky scene filmed with Gildor Roy

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This week we announced to speak with actor Marc Fournier, Yves Jacob’s translator, in the Journal. District 31. This one took advantage To reveal what we can expect from his character in the rest of the plot.

Speaking of the heart-wrenching team on this TV set, in front of and behind the camera, the actor recalled a defining moment for him, his first day on filming, when he was going to play Gildor Roy.

He remembers one scene as a frightening but formative moment: I remember the first time, one of my first scenes. My character had to face Daniel Chaison. Gildor Roy is a giant. Me, I’m 5’8 ‘and it’s like 6’ and over. I shot the joke after rehearsal by saying “I’m not believable, I look like the garden gnome next to you, Gildor.” He told me, “Don’t worry, young man, your personality is going to make him grow and I will give you space, you will see that everything will be fine.” In fact, he did manage to let me take the reins, and it gave me a lot of confidence to keep going. »

The actor continues with kind words to the team: Acting level is a dream for me. I’ve worked in this field for several years, but this is one of the first times I’ve been in the same series many times and in the long run. From the start, they welcome newcomers to the series with great generosity. » Michel Sharett has already discussed the importance of welcoming guests to the series..

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Regarding the team behind the camera, Marc Fournier adds: The team of craftsmen is the basis of this offer. When we arrived, there had already been three quarters of the work done, in sets, costumes, lighting and sound crew. Etc.They are magicians who manage to make a show of this quality, with little means, not much time compared to the American production, but there is a love for their profession which makes everything go well once it is done. There is also the close friendship between the technical team and the cast which makes it very easy. »

Let’s remember that Yves Jacob’s character finds himself at the center of a very important plot where high places are in danger of being caught. Would we deserve other surprises in this case? Marc Fournier testifies that yes!

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