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Marieper Maureen in the movie Arlit! | Mariloup Wolfe continues to defend his choice

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The first guest on the show Good night Actress and director Marylope Wolf on Monday assumed she had chosen to cast the lead in her next feature-length film by Marybre Maureen, despite new allegations of inappropriate behavior targeting her.

Marisa JuguetMarisa Juguet

Even if she “never expected,” Marylope Wolf insists[t] No “until new accusations appear against Marybir Maureen, she is still defending her decision to choose the host and actress for the lead role in her next feature film, Arlit!

“I was not very happy to read the new allegations,” Marylope Wolf said, referring to report Journalism Report accusations of inappropriate behavior. In the article published in the beginning of May, five people said they were subjected to racist comments, sexual touching, and physical assault by Maribier Morin.

Remember, Marybard Moran was chosen to play in it Arlit! After the accusations made against her in the summer of 2020, Safia Nolin, as well as eyewitnesses, cited her in a report Task.

On set Good night On Monday, at the opening of the program, Marilou Wolff told host Jean-Philippe Vauthier that ” [son] The choice remains the same. ”“ Her heart believes in a second chance, ”even though she says she disagrees with the reported behaviors.

“who am I?” She said in defense of her choice again, “I am not the people’s court, I do not know how long the ruling will last,” adding that she hopes for “the honorable amendment.” [de Maripier Morin] Before his movie was released.

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Shoot onArlit! It is still in progress. The film is due to be released in 2022.

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