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The sequel to the Lupine series will arrive on Netflix on June 11th

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Netflix confirmed Tuesday that the second part of the first season is from LupineHis French series with Omar C. which is a huge hit in the world, will be shown online on June 11th.

The platform, which has sparked its exit this summer so far, announced the date in a press release accompanied by an unpublished trailer.

The US platform, which regularly farms evidence about this sequel, invited netizens on Monday to find this release date by asking them a riddle on Twitter.

Some people immediately guessed the correct answer, which was hidden at the time the message was posted: 11:06 AM.

In a message on Twitter, Tuesday, actor Omar C. indicated that new episodes will appear after those launched on June 11.

The first part of LupineReleased on January 8, it was a global hit on Netflix, climbing to the top in multiple countries.

In this adaptation of Maurice LeBlanc’s work it is moved to 21e In the last century, Omar C plays Asane Diop, a fan of Arsene Lupine who is haunted by the injustices of his family and who acts in Paris today by systematically referring to his hero.

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