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Mario Langlois thinks Quebec will be able to compete

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Given the controversial position that Quebec occupies within Canada, this is a discussion already made by many Quebec hockey fans: how competitive a Quebec team can be at the international level. If we separate him from Canada?

On the eve of the World Junior Hockey Championship, it’s a logical conversation — and fun to say the least.

Mario Langlois raised the question with his guest, Guy Boucher, on air on 98.5 FM Wednesday night. According to the radio host, it is very likely that Quebec will present a formation that can compete against other countries in an international competition such as the Junior Championships.

“I cannot believe that if you allow 23 Quebec players every year to participate in an event of this caliber, there will not necessarily, necessarily, be any positive repercussions.”

According to Mario Langlois, who wonders “what will be the impact of introducing the Quebec team, say ten years in a row, in the small game of hockey in Quebec and on the production of high-level hockey players”, asking the question is in no way political..

For his part, Guy Boucher thinks it’s all about politics automatically. It is impossible not to think about the sovereign question if we are talking about separating Quebec from the well-oiled Canadian hockey machine.

But if we just rely on the group of players, without looking at the national implication of the issue, the coach thinks the boycott can perform well.

“We’ll be able to get a good team, but we certainly won’t have the depth that we find in the rest of Canada, that’s clear.”

– Jay Boucher

Mario Langlois may want to put sentiment aside, but the questioning he poses defies the principle that there is a team for every country and necessarily becomes political, because the programs are national.

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For Quebec being a province, it would be illogical to give it its own team. Ontario and British Columbia would necessarily like to follow, as they also have an interesting pool.

Guy Boucher shares this view for those under 20 years old.

“In my opinion, people under 20 should be for their country, because all other countries are their country. It’s not a quarter of a country, not a half of a country.”

It would be surprising to see Team Quebec in the upcoming Junior Championships, but if it does, it won’t automatically get slaughtered.

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