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Maripier Morin withdraws his candidacy from Artis Gala

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
"Total creator. Evil zombie fan. Food evangelist. Alcohol practitioner. Web aficionado. Passionate beer advocate."

The actress waited until the end of her interview on the show Everyone is talking about it To reveal his decision, after he defended the split in personality caused by alcoholism and passionately defended his right to professional rehabilitation.

Captured Great sense of shame That motivated her to read the other five testimonies that were revealed in La Presse, Saturday, admitted her sincerity lukewarmly, and immediately cited the alcoholism she had been fighting against since last summer.

I did not respect many peopleI participated to clarify the consequences of her condition Addicted to alcohol.

Then she explained that she was dealing with Anonymous Sisters He participates in several weekly mentorship meetings.

These new testimonies that she condemns are in addition to other denunciations of harassment and racism that the actress has been a target of since the public disclosure of singer-songwriter Safia Nolen.

With folded hands, staring at the sky, Mariber Maureen made a mistake in front of the cameras – I am deeply sorry – While ensuring the desire to find the unknown victims of the reason Apologies to the group, that would be easy. My apologies, they will be sincere.

Marieper Maureen was one of the Artis Gala finalists in this category The female role To be interpreted in the series ErrorAlong with Sarah Jane Labrouse, Julie Lou Breton, Isabel Richter, and Jilene Tremblay.

The appointment sparked outrage from the tech sector and the public on social networks.

I’m here to stay

This public appearance with a large spread of the media gave him the opportunity to defend his professional ambitions in front of cameras without reservation Everyone is talking about it.

The veteran actress wanted to stand out Maripier in the Professional Context of Maripier Under ConsumptionSure it would never have happened Bucky In the crossfire.

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My recovery isn’t over yet, it’s for the rest of my lifeShe said.

When asked about his speed in returning to the saddle, the actress preferred to avoid the question and emphasized that she was not the best person to answer it.

I guess I was still conservative, then I had opportunities, and I wanted to work again.

Quote from:Marieper Maureen, actress

Hope my career never endsAt the end of the interview, she confessed, releasing sighs that had so far been contained.

I started filming the next Mariloup Wolfe movie, Arlit! In which you play the main role.

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