Mark Bergiveen in La Presse | “That’s me, hockey boss”

The Canadian reaches a quarter of its season and the team is redefining its sinking ways week after week. Everywhere, voices are rising for Jeff Molson to speak.

Clouds Livranso

Clouds Livranso

However, do not count Mark Bergevin among those awaiting an exit from the owner, president and CEO of the Habs complex. Will a public outing by his boss help reduce pressure on the CEO?

Read the article “Marc Bergevin at Journalism Dom hasn’t lost his ‘room’ in four months.

Bergevin said, in a telephone interview with JournalismSaturday afternoon.

I am satisfied with it. It’s fun talking to the media when things are going well, but you also have to do it when things are not going well. His decision not to speak, it is up to him. But it does not create any share for me or for Dom [Dominique Ducharme, l’entraîneur-chef].

Mark Bergiveen, Managing Director of Canadiens Corporation

The team’s results on the ice are appalling. We have to go back to the 1941-42 season to find a copy of the Canadian who has yet to win 5 wins after 19 games. His 4-13-2 record is 31NS NHL. Only the Arizona Coyote’s performance was less good.

In the background, the uncertain future of the CEO speaks. Bergevin expires in the last year of his contract. At a press conference last month, he said he was “in an ideal world” he would like to stay in office.

The problem is that we never heard from our boss about it. More and more are wondering where the owner of CH, who has only one public appearance since the start of the season, is hiding. He was in Val d’Or without announcing his presence…

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Under the circumstances, a public address by Molson is sure to bring some clarity to the matter. What are the powers of Bergvin under the circumstances? Does he have the green light to strike a big deal, without knowing if it is up to him or his successor to manage the fallout? Can he settle contractual situations like Ben Shearoot’s case?

Unable to speak to Molson, so we must take Bergvin at his word.

“In all fairness, I haven’t had a different conversation with Jeff this year and it’s business as usual. But Jeff knows I always do my best for the Foundation, both in the short and long term. He will give me the go-ahead, unless advised otherwise.”

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