Mark Dupree will host ‘Star Académie’

“Star Académie” has found its new host. Mark Dupree will dominate Sunday’s varieties of the popular TVA music competition, which will kick off again after the holiday.

Marc Dupre and Jean-Philippe Dion, executive producer of “Star Académie”, were preparing to record a clip of “Bijoux de famille” at the Saint-Sulpice bar on Monday afternoon when the good news was released.

It’s another big challenge,” Mark said in an interview. Yes, there is the role of attendant, sharing the experience, being there for the academics and listening, but I am also there to bridge the gap between them, between the teachers and the audience and the guests. ”

“Honestly, when Jean-Philippe told me about this a few weeks ago, it scared me for two minutes. Then four seconds later, I got a little goosebumps. And that never lies to me! Well, I’m inclined to do that! I’ve done a lot of things in My life, but I might still have that on my to-do list, to host a big variety show.”

In the eyes of Jean-Philippe Dion, Marc Debray seemed a “clear choice”.

Eric Carrier / QMI

“We wanted someone to bring people together, who have a connection to ‘Star Académie,'” the producer said. “It’s important that you feel the show and that you love the young artists. When Mark came to do a number last season, I saw how in his element this kind of group is.” The young people knew by name and asked a lot of questions. It stuck in my head, and with TVA it became clear that Mark was what we wanted. And when I met him, he told me himself that he was there.”

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like a friend

In fact, Marc Debray isn’t exactly a newcomer to the “Star Ac” world. In 2012 he produced the derivative album of the fifth season, which was won by Jean-Marc Couture. During the latest release, he released his new song “Where Will The World” on stage at the MELS studio in Saint-Hubert, surrounded by William Cloutier (the most recent edition winner), Lunou Zucchini and other academics.

A singer-songwriter, familiar with studio, production and music productions, and a loyal beast on the stage, Dupre was also a coach in “La Voix” and “La Voix Junior” for nine seasons, which led her to support many young artists in their careers. He will know how to channel the young talents of “Star Académie”, as Big Brother – he prefers the term “friend” – encouragement. Last fall, he also hosted TVA’s “In studio”.

“I’ve been a ‘fan’ since the beginning of ‘Star Académie’, re-release of Marc Dupré. I’ve lived it, I’ve seen it and I’m an observer. Other animators have been exceptional in their roles, but I don’t want to repeat what others have done. I want to listen to myself and follow. My instincts are like they’ve always done in my life. I’m passionate about music, and I want to share that with people. I’m a versatile guy who loves big shows…”

winds of renewal

Patrice Michaud, who hosted Sunday parties for “Star Académie” last winter, announced on social networks in early June that with indoor performances resuming and a new album released next year, he would not repeat the experience. in 2022.

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A faculty member for the 2021 cohort of the famous Waterloo School, in the Eastern Suburbs (which will remain in the same location, at Manoir Maplewood, for next season), director Lara Fabian has already confirmed her return to the prestigious. mission. What about Ariane Moffat and Gregory Charles? Jean-Philippe Dion mentions that other announcements will follow in the coming weeks.

“The rule for ‘Star Academy’ will remain the same, but there will still be some change in college. It’s normal for artists to go on tour and do something else. It could be that Aryan isn’t there this year for that reason. The trajectory of artistic identity can also be completely changed,” Jan explains. Philip Dion, who invites performers, singers and songwriters to sign up to take part in the adventure without a doubt.

You can already sign up to try your luck at the “Star Académie 2022” auditions, which will officially launch on September 10, in Montreal. The tour will stop in eight cities in Quebec and New Brunswick. An appointment should be made in the context of compliance with sanitary measures. Future participants must be between 16 and 30 years old. We visit for more information.

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