Sexual assault allegations: Hawks ready to present investigation findings

The Chicago Blackhawks plan to publish the results of an independent investigation into allegations of sexual assault involving former video director Brad Aldrich.

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The Illinois organization was in turmoil when a former player filed a lawsuit last May, claiming that Aldrich committed wrongdoing against him and a teammate in 2010. A month later, president and CEO Danny Wirtz said the club had summoned a former Fed. Prosecutor to complete the investigation.

“The Blackhawks will share the findings with you and their partners and supporters. We will implement changes immediately to remedy the situation,” Wirtz wrote in an internal memo obtained by Athletic. “I can assure you that we are using this process to achieve the self-reflection necessary to improve our organization and provide a safe and inclusive workplace.” While we await conclusions, we continue this process of analysis.”

In July, the lawyer for the hockey player who started the legal proceedings, Susan Logans, indicated that her client would not be involved in the investigation, stressing that everything was paid for by the Black Hawks and questioning the legality of contributing to an action whose outcome may not be. It is presented to the public. But she later expressed the player’s willingness to participate under certain conditions.

John Torchetti, who was an MP in 2009-2010, specified in June that the team met at the time to discuss the matter and chose not to alert the police. For his part, former defender Brent Sobel claimed that the entire squad was aware of Aldrich’s allegations. In contrast, the Hawks’ driver at the time, Joel Quinville, denied this summer that he was aware of the story in 2010 and became aware of the allegations through the media.

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