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Martin St. Louis and Jean-Francois Hall will have a more similar style of play this season

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Young players of CH will face a great collective challenge, which is the revival of CH.

But on an individual level, young people will also face the challenge of finding their place in the sun. As Matthias Brunet mentions, there are many who have been called up, but few have been elected because CH doesn’t have 50 places to offer either.

This is especially true of defense. After all, the club usually only wears six men a night and on top of that, it takes a certain number of veterans on the roster.

We must surround them, these guys.

Thus, youngsters have a limited number of places and will have to work hard to earn playing time at the top. Whether it’s the usual big names (Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Justin Barron) or other possibilities, there will be internal struggles.

The goal of CH is to make sure you get the best pool possible.

This year, it will be especially challenging since then CH doesn’t have a real leading defender In their alignment, which, by default, will put pressure on young people. Sometimes it is too much and a stay at Laval will be necessary.

And that’s fine because Martin St. Louis, Who has their own way of seeing things related to youth developmenthad the opportunity to discuss this subject with Jean-François Hall, Fitness Trainer The missile.

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consequences? As we learned in this article from The Athleticsigned by Arbon Basso, St. Louis and Hull had time this summer to do what wasn’t done over the last season: set up a guideline between Laval and Montreal.

Obviously, when there is a change of coach during the season, chatting with the coach in the basement is not a priority for the new coach.

So it will be easier for young people to play in both systems as there will be similarities.

Hall and Dominique Ducharme undoubtedly devised a similar plan last summer, but with the change behind the bench last February, the game plan in Montreal changed.

In fact, even the club’s (evolution first) mentality has since changed.

In recent months, the modern coaching staff has huddled to make sure the youngsters at Laval are ready to succeed once in Montreal.

We’ll try to simulate what they’re doing so it’s easy for players when called, consistent and easy on them. [les jeunes] to play upstairs. Jean-Francois Holly

Currently, the focus is on youth development, both in Montreal and Laval. Having a similar game plan will help keep guys from mingling, and that’s a good thing.

And if you look at what happened last year with the Rocket, where the AHL players did so well in Montreal, development wouldn’t be an issue at the end of the orange streak.

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