Marypoix. Long live the science! He resumes his lectures

Vive la Science! Announces the resumption of the conference session (in accordance with the current health conditions), which will begin on Thursday at 9 pm in the Municipal Cinema (admission: €6; free for children under 25 years).

This evening, dedicated to robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), will be hosted by Alexis Viallessèche, Léni and Noa Teyssandier, students of the Vive la Science Robotics Club! They will provide design/realization for a robot’s capabilities to evolve and move around in a maze, compared to human capabilities.

The robot operates its memory capabilities, analyzes its progress, and avoids loops and dead ends. After crossing the maze for the first time and improving its path, if it is replaced at the entrance, it performs a flawless path.

Humans are unable to locate themselves in this maze, which is designed to make them “lose” their sense of direction, and they can even less memorize their path. He can approach a solution with a paper and pencil, but what delays and corrections in perspective!

The robot excels at its tremendous abilities in memorization, speed of calculation and formula application. But there is no doubt that the robot is intelligent: it was humans who designed their algorithms!

What about “deep learning”? This will be the conclusion of the conference.

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