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Mayor Labium Vitriolique Towards Mega Fitness Club

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In any catastrophe in world history, there is always a scapegoat we look forRegis Laboum said in an interview with Pierre Yves Lord. But as you know, the sources of the outbreak like the Kirouac pub or that gym, in the speed at which this virus is spreading, they have to accept a very big mistake.

At the end of the day, Regional Public Health clarified that the outbreak at the Mega Fitness Gym has now infected 147 people, as well as spreading to about 20 workplaces.

The Bar Kerouac outbreak in the fall has affected more than 80 people. The foundation announced its final shutdown earlier this week.

According to Quebec’s mayor, both Mega Fitness Gym and Kirouac Very fortunate that from a legal point of view, the law cannot reach them.

It is a decision you makeThe mayor says, Failure to apply sanitary measures. The result is that it makes people sick and some of them eventually die.

In a Facebook post on Friday morning, the gym owner wrote that he has complied with all the sanitary measures required by public health. Several agents told Radio Canada that violations, on the contrary, are common.

We don’t believe it, The elect indicated.

This is the ideal case. The man, the great genius, defied sanitary measures, and ironically this great man, all of a sudden, made an epidemic sweep through the city. He is largely responsible for that.

Quote from:Regis Labium, Mayor of Quebec

Civil servants return to work

Mayor Labium has kept some shares for union leaders, who accuse the municipal administration of forcing them to return to work in person.

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We have around 1,700 people working from home. Anyone who can work remotely does thisThe mayor said. The only difference is that we are a public service.

He accused union leaderships of separating from the suffering endured by the citizens.

Sometimes, I get the impression that these union leaders do not know what is happening with the population. There are some who struggle and try to victimize ourselves: I find this very upsetting.

Quote from:Regis Labium, Mayor of Quebec

The mayor of Quebec has yet to participate in the show Everyone talks about it, Sunday evening.

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