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The Merits of Smart Building Lighting

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It is the lighting in a building that brings out its beauty. The sparkle in it pops out from the light that shines from within it. Smart building lighting systems should hence be keenly worked on as it will benefit both people who frequent there and the people on the outside of it.

To begin with, smart buildings have benefits in that they reduce energy consumption in a building. They also improve building efficiency and are easy to maintain. Smart buildings also increase productivity as they ensure the occupants of the building have the necessary facilities needed for their operations.

There is also the benefit of using resources better with smart buildings. This will translate into better work efficiency.

For a smart building to be efficient, it should have proper lighting which in return should also be beneficial to the building’s occupants. Lighting has an important role in every building as it enhances the safety of the building’s occupants and also keeps whatever is the building secure.

Benefits of Smart Building Lighting

Some of the benefits that come with smart building lighting are:

Enhances the Building’s Safety

The lighting on the inside and outside of a building could keep away potential burglars that would intend to do a crime within or around the building. To enhance this, the building should have properly installed outdoor security lights that automatically goes on when the daylight is deeming out.

On the inside of the building, there could also be installed security lights that could be connected to motion-activated sensors. The sensors would go on just in case someone is making a movement when the building is out of working hours. These motion-activated sensors will make the lights go on when motion is detected.

This could also be enhanced when the building also has strategically placed closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in the building. Just in case a burglar had attempted to get into the building or did steal something from the building this will be captured in the CCTV. The security personnel can replay this and be able to capture the suspects of the crime.

Prevention of Unnecessary Strain of The Eyes

Smart building lighting could be of benefit to the health and eyesight of the occupants of a building. In this day and age, many buildings which comprise of offices have computers been used for almost all the operations undertaken. It is hence important to ensure that there is good lighting or illumination in the spaces where people are working or reading via computers. If the building or workspaces have poor lighting then this will bring about eyestrain to the users of the computers which translates to their health deteriorating.

Avoid Accidents

The occupants of a building will be able to watch their steps as they move around the building when there is good lighting. Smart building lighting will prevent the building occupants from slips and falls as they go down the staircase or walk in the corridors. Buildings should also ensure that good lighting is installed in areas that seem dark or bring darkness maybe when there is a storm or when it is a rainy season. Installation of solar panels and generators could also come in handy when there is a power cut.


The safety of the occupants of a building should be the overall goal when constructing a building. To enhance safety, lighting plays a huge role for the occupants of the building to feel safe and work comfortably. It is hence important that smart building lighting be looked into carefully and the people who install the lighting inside and outside the building look into all the dangers that could come by if the lighting is not put up well.

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Good lighting is more of a precautionary measure as burglars’ lookout to put off lights to commit crimes. Installation of lights should also be strategically placed in the stairways and motion sensors could also be used in the restrooms.

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