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Michael Tyler has prostate cancer

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Tony Vaughn
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Actor Michael Tyler, best known for his role as Gunther in the popular TV series friendsHe suffers from stage 4 prostate cancer. He revealed it, Monday, on the American channel Today.

choral laplante

choral laplante

On the screen appeared a man with a slender face and a white beard. “I’m not coming up to you today to tell you he’ll be there friends. I’m here to tell you that in September 2018, I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, which has spread to my bones,” Michael Tyler said right away.

The 59-year-old actor has made many viewers of the series laugh for many years. friends As Gunther, the quiet manager of the Central Burke Café.

Michael Tyler is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He was diagnosed with the disease after his doctor suspected him during a routine examination.

“Eventually, he’ll probably come and get me,” said the man. During the pandemic, cancer broke his bones. The former actor can no longer walk and uses a wheelchair.

“My goal last year was to see 59 years olde Anniversary. I reached it. “My goal right now is to help save at least one life,” Michael Tyler said with tears in his eyes.

He wants men to be made aware of the importance of having their prostate checked.

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