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Microsoft improves the taskbar for tablets and makes widgets dynamic

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Jillian Castillo
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Microsoft wants to improve the behavior of Windows 11 on tablets. The new build of the operating system aims to insidersRedmond has changed the behavior of the taskbar on touch screen devices, used as tablets.

When the hardware keyboard is detached or when a dual-function laptop is folded to use as a tablet, the Windows 11 taskbar is automatically minimized to a version fully optimized for touch screens.

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To rethink its taskbar on touch interfaces, Microsoft envisioned it in two cases: minimized or maximized. Thus, when minimized, the taskbar leaves a maximum of viewing area, thus avoiding accidental interactions with the buttons pinned to it. When expanded, it takes up more space at the bottom of the screen for easier finger navigation. Just swipe up or down to publish or minimize it.

If you are a member of the Insider Program and want to test this new feature, go to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behavior Where there is a new option Hide the taskbar automatically When using the device as a tablet, it should be displayed.

Another novelty provided by Microsoft in this sealed version 22563 is related to the content displayed in Widgets of OS. Redmond definitely wants to make it more dynamic. To do this, the ability to aggregate UI elements and news content (which are lowered to the bottom of the feed) is tested to make them more visible and attractive. Microsoft still retains the ability to pin your favorite tools to keep them prominently displayed at the top of your feed.

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Finally, other small novelties were also integrated. Among these, Microsoft is making Snap Assist easier to use for docking, by suggesting that tabs open in the Edge browser be displayed in one of the available spaces.

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