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Qanoun is still with us

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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It all started on October 28, 2017.

The first encrypted message signed by the mysterious s Then he appears in a mysterious online forum.

The rest is worrying.

Over the years, thousands of mysterious publications have deliberated s drops, fueling the craziest conspiracy theories, which followers around the world have blindly propagated.

In December 2020, shortly after Donald Trump’s electoral defeat, s He publishes his last message. Complete silence ensues. But the silence of this revelation in the modern era does not in any way slow down the persistence of this phenomenon.

Four years after the emergence of this movement, journalist Jeff Yates (decodersand Brigitte NoelInvestigationDrowning in the heart of this miserable snail In the second season of the series convictions.

Here is an interview with them.

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Journalists Brigitte Noel and Jeff Yates, architects of the “QAnon: the Quest” podcast, available on ICI Première’s OhDio platform.

Photo: Radio Canada

Four years after the birth of this conspiracy movement, we are all asking ourselves the question : what’s left of legal?

You are – If we look at this on the surface, we might have the impression that the movement is running out because all the major social media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, have largely banned the movement. But even if we see much less traces of legal In the news feed, the movement is far from dead. It still exists on alternative platforms, where there is little or no moderation.

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This comes with risks, right?

BN – Yes, because on these platforms people can keep posting ideas legal Out of sight, almost unattended, so there is an increased risk of extremism. and lo s, the person who wrote gospel, or the texts at the base of the movement legal, He is Missing Since December 2020 the spirit of movement and ideas legal It continues to exist deceptively at times in society. Even among people who have fallen into conspiracy theories legalThere are many who have remained firmly rooted in these ideas, which is why we felt it was important to talk about them.

You are – It must also be said, especially in the United States, legal It is still very present in civilian life. There are now not only publicly supported elected officialslegalThere is also Ron Watkins, the former director of the site 8kun or s publish his messages that announce His candidacy for the US Congress to represent the state of Arizona. At the same time, there are followers legal who try to infiltrate organizations such as school boards or entities that monitor elections. So we can anticipate the repercussions on US policy.

In hindsight, what should we conclude about the reasons why these people fall into this universe?

BN – By dissecting the phenomenon and analyzing it in hindsight, we see that legal It is similar to other phenomena of mass hysteria that have already occurred. In our podcast, we connect an episode diabolical panic, a phenomenon that occurred in the 1980s in small communities across North America. The citizens became completely convinced that the demonic demon elites were abusing the children. It is mass hysteria that still has consequences to this day which resulted from the fact that at that time there was a lot of social upheaval and upheaval that pushed people towards these devilish theories. All of this is a direct echo of what we see legal. When we note the context in which legal It took root, we note an epidemic, Donald Trump’s presidency and many challenges like the movement Black Lives Matter Movement. It was a fertile ground for the development of a movement like legal.

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You are – This is an important element that we highlight in the podcast. People who did not follow the conspiracy movement and who were suddenly exposed to it legal It might feel like a unique move, but legal Not unique. legal Born into the conspiratorial web culture, it is a new version of the conspiracy movement that has already been developing on the web since the beginnings of the internet.

And on top of that, where did you get the idea for a podcast? legal?

BN – I think it is important to summarize this phenomenon, to analyze its source, what problems it provoked and what will happen from it. legal It will not disappear, the phenomenon will evolve towards something else, and I think we must study its course because there are lessons to be learned from all this, and flaws have been exposed in our institutions and in the way we operate as a society. I think it would be naive to say: Ah, these are just conspiracies Wipe it with the back of your hand. You have to dive into it.

You are Some may be tempted to say: Facebook a banni legal, The problem has been resolved. But it’s not by slipping legal Under the rug we are going to solve the problems that led to this phenomenon. The fact that this phenomenon has appeared in societies that are mostly free and democratic means that there are Bobo Which allowed this to appear. So, if we simply say to ourselves: Ban these accounts, it’s over and gone, this approach does not allow for the questioning necessary to address the issues that have allowed legal For take-off.

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