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Microsoft Teams will help students read

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Usually we tell you a thousand jobs Microsoft Teams for business. But we have to remind you of the great importance this attaches to students. This time it helps with reading and reading progress. This new feature wants to help you Students read more fluently.

How to improve reading ability with Microsoft Teams

The reading process begins with the first recording of the text, and from there teachers can do so Advise and indicate pronunciation errors etc. This is the starting point for students to do better in this field.

Students often practice reading fluently in front of the teacher, with a portion of the text being read aloud and the teacher making corrections based on the reading. Teachers measure speed, accuracy, and articulation when reading. Microsoft has been working on this process during a pandemic before Difficulty measuring this from a distance.

“With an epidemic, if you think you can read fluently, it becomes very difficult … because you cannot be around students,” Mike Tholfsen, Product Manager at Microsoft Education, says in an interview with the edge. “You might be able to set up Teams calls or Zoom calls, but the vast majority of teachers don’t.”

A Stanford study indicated how the epidemic affected students’ reading skills, with an alarming 30% decrease in fluency in the early years. “When the epidemic hit, we really worked with the head of Microsoft Education and agreed to accelerate the development process,” Tholfsen indicated. “This is a feature where we’re putting in a lot of effort.”

Reading progress is now available in the United States

Redmond giant tested the alpha version of the Reading progress With more than 350 teachers since October and now it is ready for the next academic year. Technology, backed by Azure, allows the teacher to adjust sensitivity for spotting students with speech disabilities or dyslexia.

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“We work with our Azure Voice Services team and have a very close partnership with them,” Indyk Tholfsen. “If you see PowerPoint Presentation Coach, behind this technology, we find the same way of working.” Microsoft developed an API mainly related to speech Measuring confidence intervals It analyzes the words according to a section of text that the student is invited to read.

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