Cegedim: 2021-03 May News Cegedim publishes data related to Covid 19 from THIN by GERS DATA Observatory Find out more

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Updates to May 3, 2021

In France, THIN Observatory, made up of 2000 general practitioners and 1000 specialists, enables the Cegedim Group to provide all healthcare workers with medical analyzes, pre-launch studies, models for patients with rare diseases, epidemiological observatories, and academic studies, in contact With the practice of the city.

Today, 20 research projects are in progress (Alzheimer’s disease, understanding sarcoidosis, detection of rare diseases, etc.). THIN database is also used by state services (ANSM, CEPS) on an ongoing basis.

To remember

Below you will find an update to the new assumptions for Covid-19 as of May 3, 2021 with the following data from the THIN panel of general practitioners.

A comparison of the three waves shows that the recession is slower today than it has been in the previous two waves. We no longer find the rapid decline after the containment measures.

The downward slope of this new curve is regular as if it depends only on the number of pollinators. We can conclude that the decline will continue through May.

This Monday we see a 13% decrease from last Monday, and with an average of 11,200 new cases in the past seven days, we reach the lowest number observed in general medicine since the end of 2020.

Jean-Claude Labron

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