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Midnight Fight Express brings its news during the Summer Games Festival

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This is the fighting game: Midnight Fight Express, which gave its news during Summer Game Fest 2022.

during this Summer Game Festival 2022And the Jacob Dzunell gave us some new info from his fighting game: Midnight fast fighting.

summer fest game

The summer fest game It is a new event in the video game conferencing scene. Yes, this all-digital conference was created only a couple of years ago. Thus, we were presented via the live stream of future games, on PC and consoles, including several world premieres; The famous “world premieres”.

Midnight fast fighting

Solo developer of Midnight fast fighting He presents his game as follows:

An ex-member of the underworld is brought back to “life” by a mysterious drone to prevent a criminal takeover of the city before sunrise.

Fighting game fans will love it Midnight fast fighting. Within 41 levels and with an exciting soundtrack, you will drive out with your hands or with weapons the gangs that are trying to destroy the city.

Midnight fast fighting Developed by Jacob Dzunell and edit it humble games ; The game is planned for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Its release date is August 23, 2020.

Note that the playable demo is currently available on Steam.

We tested it, and we can say this little indie game has it under the code!
Crushing all these enemies with your bare hands, using adjustable wrenches, firearms or even decorative objects is a real stress reliever!

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