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Mikaila became a millionaire in 11 selling lemonade

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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A young American fashion designer became a millionaire businesswoman at just 11 years old, thanks to the lemonade company she founded.

In a daily interview the sunMichaela Olmer, a 17-year-old from Texas, shared how she made her fortune in 2016.

At just four years old, the girl claims to have discovered an old lemonade recipe in a book dating back to the 1940s that her great-grandmother had given her. She decided to add honey to it and started selling at a kiosk in front of her house.

The idea of ​​putting honey in the drink came to her after being stung by bees twice. So Michaela started getting to know the bees and discovered their importance and repercussions if they were to disappear.

So the young entrepreneur added honey to her lemonade and seized the opportunity to raise awareness about protecting bees. named after its product me and bees lemonade.

The brand was a huge success and caught the attention of the distribution company Whole Foods, which is present in many countries, including Canada. So, the organic distribution company struck an $11 million agreement with Mikaila in 2016 to put its own lemonade on grocery store shelves.

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