Mike Hoffman could play as early as next week

Canadian He has difficulty in special teams. Canadian Live after training camp. Canadian Doesn’t necessarily have the right posture. I can go on like this for a long time because the start of the season is not great.

Dominique Ducharme is not a satisfied customer at the moment. The Canadian driver did not like the effort of his comrades.

He does not want anyone to see a hero, but to see men do the job expected of them. Do your job, say the New England Patriots.

According to the pilot, yesterday no one did well – and he is absolutely right.

But fortunately, to help with depth, attack and special teams for the club, the Canadian may be eligible for a boost soon. We are talking about a player who did not make his debut with CH.

Yes, Mike Hoffman is close to making a comeback.

No, the striker will not play tomorrow in the first match at home. However, we can – and still conditionally – play on Tuesday or Thursday, against sharks and hurricanes.

This was stated by Dominique Ducharme at a press conference.

Hoffman has been seen ice skating over the past few days. The player has been improving for a few days now which is a very good sign to revitalize the club that frankly needs it.

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according to Fitness TrainerHoffman is the player closest to returning. Joel Edmondson remains elusive compared to Matthias Norlender, a player whose name has not been widely circulated in recent weeks due to his injury. Under the present circumstances, he will take what passes.

a lot of

– Not everyone can wait.

– Nice day in perspective.

– Tossed today.

– I thought it was good.

– he deserves it.

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