Minister Rodriguez Announces Investment to Support Quebec’s Local Achat Initiative

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MONTRAL, le 9 aot 2021 / CNW Telbec / – Innovation, science and economic development Canada

As our efforts to end COVID-19 progress well and the number of Canadians vaccinated continues to rise, the Government of Canada He remains committed to supporting small businesses from coast to coast as the economy safely reopens.

Head of Government in the House of Commons and Honorary Member-MercierMr. Pablo Rodriguez is Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade and a member of theOutremontToday, Rachel Pindayana, on behalf of the Honorable Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, The Honorable Marying, announced an investment of up to $7.2 million for the Local Procurement Initiative. This amount will be used to support the implementation of Qubec’s awareness campaigns and encourage people to shop locally. The Minister and Parliamentary Secretary on this occasion was accompanied by the President and Director General of the Federation of Qubec Chambers of Commerce (FCCQ), Charles Milliard.

The funds come from the $33 million global investment announced by Minister Ng on June 21 that aims to support local procurement promotion campaigns across the country.

Funds earmarked for Qubec’s local Achat initiative will be paid for through the FCCQ and will be used to support awareness campaigns aimed at increasing consumer confidence and promoting local business.

The FCCQ may use this money to fund various activities aimed at encouraging consumers to make their purchases locally and under safe conditions, in accordance with current public health guidelines. Can launch a call for applications or solicit proposals directly from local associations or organizations that are able to introduce consumer awareness activities and highlight the potential benefits of local purchasing for the trading community at large. The following activities are good examples:

  • Create branding images and digital content to support local buying;
  • seasonal campaigns to direct buyers to small local merchants;
  • Online shopping, door-to-door promotional activities and delivery, as well as public health measures put in place to make retail stores safe and increase consumer confidence;
  • Create marketing products, such as videos, visuals for social media, radio and newspaper ads, to entice consumers to shop at local businesses and support restaurants and attractions close to their homes.
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The investment will be customized to meet the unique needs of each Qubec region. Awareness campaigns will be designed according to local priorities and needs to eventually help small businesses recover from this unprecedented economic and health crisis.

The important local procurement initiative comes in addition to the major support measures of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Canada It has taken, and is still taking, to help small, local businesses, programs such as Canada’s Employment Stimulus Program. CanadaCanadian Digital Adoption Program Emergency Wage Support for Canada, emergency grant from Canada For rent, containment support measures and an emergency account for Canadian businesses. These programs aim to enable businesses to weather the pandemic and begin to recover and grow in the coming months and years.


Small local businesses are an integral part of the social fabric of all communities in Qubec. Our government has supported them through all phases of the pandemic, helping employers pay rent and retain their employees so families can meet their basic needs. Now that our economy has safely resumed, we are investing to encourage Canadians to shop locally, and to support good jobs, economic growth and people in our communities. This initiative is another example of what we are doing to help small businesses emerge stronger from the crisis and contribute to the prosperity of our communities.
– Head of Government in the House of Commons and Honorary Member –MercierThe Honorable Pablo Rodriguez,

As we gradually resume our usual activities, we recognize that support must be provided to reopen small businesses in order for the economy to thrive. The local purchase awareness campaigns that will be implemented with this funding across Qubec aim to increase consumer confidence and encourage them to return to the business, which will then be able to re-employ their employees.
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade and his deputyOutremontAnd Rachel Bundyan

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The importance attached to domestic purchases created during the pandemic must continue even in times of economic recovery. Our SMEs are essential to the success of this recovery and we are pleased that a program like this has been put in place to support them. Chambers of Commerce are located throughout Qubec and are in direct contact with thousands of entrepreneurs. It is an honor for the FCCQ to be able to contribute to this local purchasing program.
– President and CEO of the Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce, Charles Milliard

The facts in a nutshell

  • Amounts allocated to chambers of commerce across the republic Canada With the buy local initiative, it is primarily determined by the percentage of small businesses in its area.
  • To support Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of Canada We have launched the largest suite of assistance programs in our country’s history, including the following major programs for business owners and their employees:
    • the emergency wage subsidy from Canada (SSUC) helps companies by covering up to 75% of employee salaries. This program has been extended until October 23, 2021.
    • the Canadian corporate emergency account (CUEC) Larvae has provided companies with interest-free loans of up to $60,000. Paying off the loan balance no later than December 31, 2022 will write off 33% of this loan amount.
    • the emergency grant from Canada For Rent SUCL is offered directly to business owners to cover up to 65% of rental costs.
    • the High Impact Sector Credit Program PCSTT offers loans through all financial institutions at a fixed interest rate of 4% for up to 10 years. These loans are 100% guaranteed by the government Canada. Companies have until December 31, 2021 to apply under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCSTT).
    • The Regional Assistance and Recovery Fund (RAFR) has more than $2 billion to support small Canadian businesses that have not been able to take advantage of current aid measures.
  • The 2021 budget provides additional funds to help companies emerge stronger from the crisis while safely reopening the economy. The main measures in this regard are as follows:
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