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Missile launches: Pyongyang accuses UN of “double standards”

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On Monday, North Korea accused the United Nations Security Council, which is due to meet over the launch of a North Korean missile, of following “double standards, two measures,” depending on whether North Korea was launched by the missiles or other countries.

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North Korean forces launched two missiles last week that the United States described as short-range ballistic missiles. Several Security Council resolutions prohibit Pyongyang from launching this type of projectile.

It was the first time that North Korea had truly tested the new US administration, which was reviewing the US strategy towards the North, after the outstretched hand policy led by former US President Donald Trump.

His successor, Joe Biden, immediately issued a warning to Pyongyang, saying there would be “answers if.” [les dirigeants nord-coréens] Choose climbing.

“We will respond like this,” he said.

The European members of the Security Council called for their part to an urgent meeting on the issue of fire, which will be held on Tuesday.

In a statement issued by the official North Korean News Agency, Jo Chul-soo, a senior official in the North Korean Foreign Ministry, said that his country launched a new “tactical guided missile”.

“Many other countries in the world are launching all kinds of missiles,” he said, stressing that the “double standards” of the Security Council “will only exacerbate the situation” on the Korean Peninsula.

The North Korean regime has a long history of using missile launches to escalate tensions, in a carefully thought out process that would allow it to advance its interests.

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The country is subject to multiple Security Council sanctions over its banned nuclear and ballistic programs.

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