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The beginning of the end for Facebook?

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Cole Hanson
Cole Hanson
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Facebook is once again in a hot seat on Tuesday with testimony before the US Congress of a whistleblower condemning the web giant’s practices.

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“The majority of young people are leaving this platform. It dates back to 2004. On the Internet, something that lasts a long time, except for Google, it is very rare,” explained Patrick Matthew, computer security expert and co-founder of Hackfest.

“This is the beginning of the end for Facebook. This is a sign of the company’s decline,” added Jean-Houg Roy, a professor at the University of Quebec’s School of Media in Montreal.

“We see that Facebook is having a hard time recruiting, people are fleeing, they are worried, and people within the company are lashing out,” Mr. Roy added.

Patrick Matthew believes that the major outage that crippled the social network likely wouldn’t have happened had Facebook been a smaller company. However, the event should come as an electric shock to many companies, he said.

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