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MLB: Blue Jays swept the Poor Angels

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TORONTO – Although the regular Los Angeles Angels have swept the Toronto Blue Jays, FC Toronto interim manager John Schneider won’t destroy locker room furniture to flog his troops.

Shuhei Uthani and Luis Renjivo hit the race hurdles twice and the Angels (57-73) beat the Blue Jays 8-3 on Sunday to complete a sweep of the race.

The Blue Jays (68-58) won 22-3 in the three-game series and had only 17 results.

“I’m not the type to come in here and knock on a table,” Schneider admitted. At this point, it’s up to the players to say, “That’s not good enough.” »

“You trust the men who are the leaders and the men who are the veterans to take care of all this.”

Jays went 6-1 on their last road trip to New York and Boston.

For their part, the Angels (55-73) fought a six-game losing streak and nine in ten matches before coming to Rogers’ center.

After two more games against the Red Sox, the Torontonians went home with an overload of painkillers.

On Sunday, the Angels (55-73) took a 3-1 lead and added three runs in the seventh inning. David Fletcher started the offensive push with one man on the left after two wins.

Fletcher came to score when Blue Jays player George Springer couldn’t snatch a slap from Mike Trout. Otani then hit the 28th house owner of the campaign, at the expense of loyal Tim Maeza.

Blue Jays writer Ross Stripling (6-4), allowed three runs and seven strokes in six innings of action. The Toronto team cut a five-game winning streak while on the hill.

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Stripling gave up Homer’s two-run to Rengifo in the third and a solo slap to veteran receiver Kurt Suzuki in the fourth.

After being eliminated in the first two meetings of the series, the Blue Jays ended that poor streak by having their first in 21 runs.

After two wins in the fourth inning, Bo Pechet and Tuscar Hernandez, who are back in the squad after missing a game with a bruised left foot, walked in one.

Then Matt Chapman hit a double against the central field fence to push Bichette to the plate. However, Wyatt Merifield was pulled on a floor ball to leave Chapman and Hernandez on the tracks.

Catcher Danny Janssen and Bechet and defensive back Lourdes Gouriel Jr. were left at third base in the fifth through seventh inning.

The Blue Jays added a run when a fly ball landed in front of Joe Adele and was not caught by the Angels player, giving Goriel a triple and a run to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Guerrero missed a shot from Bichette that would have ended the eighth inning and the Angels scored another. Trout hit his 28th long ball this season, in the ninth.

Angels star Tucker Davidson gave up one run, three hits and five walks in four turns into the hill. Andrew Wentz (2-0) signed the win.

Nothing is going well for Jays

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