Molson workers in Longueuil have called an indefinite strike

About 420 workers at the Molson-Coors South Shore brewery went on an indefinite strike Friday morning in Longueuil.

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“Since the merger with Coors in 2005, our working conditions have deteriorated. Decisions are being made from Milwaukee since the merger with Miller a few years ago, and worse,” denounced Eric Pecot, head of the local Teamsters league.

Last Sunday, nearly 320 workers who attended a union meeting voted 99% against employers’ recent offers and by the same percentage to give their union a mandate to strike.

Insufficient wage increases under inflation, a layoff system that does not take seniority into account … union members do not absorb the offers of employers.

2.25% increases

last tuesday, Newspaper He told the story of workers frustrated with progress in negotiations with employers.

“With salaries increasing at 2.25% annually, while inflation exceeds 5%, it is a bit funny to me,” said Patrick Villeneuve, a Longueuil brewer.

The business owner, for his part, has always said he hopes to find common ground.

“We are disappointed that we were unable to reach an agreement at the moment, but our goal remains to reach an agreement with our union employees that is both just and equitable,” said Frédéric Bourgeois Leblanc, of Molson for corporate communications.

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