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Monsters of Science: The Dog, an accurate detector … to liars

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For this seventh episode of Monsters of science, Futura’s podcast dedicated to animal intelligence, we take a look at the lie-discovering talents … of the dog!

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Discover the dog’s amazing detection skills in this new episode of Monsters of science.

A dog is our best friend, but his loyalty isn’t always earned. If your four-legged boyfriend is good at guessing your moods, he’s good at spotting liars as well. And when she loses her confidence, it’s not always easy to get her back.

How did the researchers discover? To find out, you’ll need to listen to this new episode from Monsters of science.

Bêtes de Science, Animal Intelligence Podcast

You don’t have to be a lover of cute cats to agree to thisIntelligence Animal is a vast field as wonderful and unknown. Take, for example, did you know that The elephants Are able to differentiate between human languages? To remember the bird Hundreds of stashes of its seeds ? Or those dung beetles Use the Milky Way for orientation ? Not that stupid, animals! If these fun facts tickle you nervous cellsWait no more: Explore Episode 1 of Monsters of science, Podcast based on The Chronicle of Natalie MeyerAnd Mary read it from the channel Youtube Curiosity Box. By numbers, we venture to go to the four corners of the world to meet all kinds of amazing animals and their most interesting manners.

Embark on this new adventure!

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you welcome in Monsters of science, The Futura podcast that gives pride of place to animals. I’m Mary and in this new episode, we’ll be interested in the incredible talents of dog spotting.

Ah, the dog! Big or small, crazy or majestic, patchion or athlete, if there’s always one thing, it’s loyal. We consider him to be man’s best friend, and with good reason, dogs have walked by our side for more than 15,000 years. Their loyalty is matched only by their intelligence. Because even if our four-legged friends can sometimes show themselves a little bit Beta And it makes us smile for hours on end social networksCuffs have it in their head, and they know how to really shine, when they want to.

Scientists have observed this intelligence for a long time. In general, they think a dog is as smart as a human at two or three years old. But honestly, that doesn’t mean much. It’s hard to compare the intelligence of two very close animals for sure, but they are also different. Intrigued by the capabilities of a human’s best friend, researchers like to distinguish between three main types of intelligence. First, an intelligence that we call instinctive. It is determined by the dog’s breed: while some are good at guiding sheep, others are born hunters. Then there is adaptive intelligence that measures how a dog learns from its environment to solve problems. Finally, we also talk about intelligence, obedience, and work. This assesses the dog’s ability to learn from humans. But there is also the linguistic intelligence that allows him to learn vocabulary, such as Chaser the border collie, which knows more than 1000 words. Or even emotional and social intelligence.

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Further, we shall be discussing the latter today. Notice above all that with the little we know, your dog is naturally unable to understand his feelings. Or to master it. On the other hand, he seems to be very open to other people’s feelings. He is a true sponge of emotions when it comes to the emotions of his human companion. If a dog lives with you, you already know this. Blink of an eyeEye Your best friend will come to comfort you if you are sad, he will jump around if you are happy, and he will be young if he feels the slightest rebuke in your eyes for sneaking in some food. This is what makes this bond so strong between our species, that we often consider them to be members of our family!

But have you ever noticed that your dog is able to doubt you when you lie? Yes, despite appearances, our canine companions blindly do not trust us. Researchers have shown this through an experiment conducted on dogs and that you can breed at home. Take two dark boxes and hide in one of them. Step 1: Point to the box that contains the treat to show your dog that this is where he should go to get it. Step 2: Start over, but this time, point to the wrong box, and let your dog see that you have played a bad trick on it. Finally, we repeat the manipulation one last time, but this time again in the box with a reward, and you will see that your dog has a good chance of looking at you through air Meaning: “Don’t do me twice.”

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This is what the experimenters measured. They found that while dogs tended to pay attention during Stage 1 and Stage 2, they were not motivated by Stage 3 if they were lied to.

And even more interesting: if four-legged people end up fainting the world that deceived them forever, they are nevertheless completely ready to give their trust once again to a new fitter. Evidence of a more developed emotional and social intelligence than we could possibly imagine, and a good chance to remember that if a dog doesn’t seem very smart to us, it might be because we just have to learn how to do it. Listen and share their emotions. So, not so stupid, dogs.

Thanks for watching this episode from Monsters of science. You can find the original record for Natalie Meyer On Futura and on Podcast SpotifyAnd the DeezerAnd the an Apple Podcast and many more. Remember to subscribe So you never miss a single episode and find our other podcasts on Applications Favorite sound. We see you two weeks later with new behaviors that are still amazing. Bye !

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