Monte Castor opens its doors to the public

It was less than one: Thanks to the recent snowfall and the hard work of the anglers during the night, Monte Castor can welcome winter sports enthusiasts on Boxing Day.

With 48 hours notice, a good south wind arrived and arranged everything! says Luc Gagnon, operations coordinator.

Although there were no crowds on the slopes on Boxing Day, center management said they were very satisfied with their first day on the job.

The main thing is to be open, Luc Gagnon summarizes: If you are not open during the holidays, it will be very difficult to have an interesting financial year.

At the moment, the slope of the school and slide No. 1 available. The administration is waiting for the next snowfall worthy of this name to diversify its offer.

In terms of season tickets, approximately 575 season tickets have been sold, down slightly from the norm.

However, many new amateurs have turned up at the center, according to the operations coordinator, a phenomenon observed throughout Quebec where Quebecers have had to learn to play outside during the pandemic.

So, it seems that the enthusiasm that Bas-Saint-Laurent mountain range experienced last year continues.

Actively sought manpower

Monte Castor has not been spared a scarcity of workers: This is the main issue for the current season to run smoothly, according to Luc Gagnon.

Although the core of the team is there, there is an acute shortage of part-time employees. The center usually employs about 80 people during the winter.

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