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The kickboxing champion who didn’t believe in COVID dies

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Cole Hanson
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A kickboxing champion who did not believe in COVID-19 recently died of the virus in Belgium.

Frederic Sinistra, 41, died on December 16 of respiratory problems after being taken to hospital at the end of November.

The man who was a multi-time world champion and European and Belgian kickboxing champion in the heavyweight category didn’t even want to utter the word “COVID-19” and wasn’t vaccinated, according to a report. His relatives told Belgian media. .

Fred “The Undertaker” has communicated several times with his fans on his social networks.

He explained on November 26, without naming the virus that reached him, that his lungs were severely affected.

A group of diseases began attacking my lungs. The CRP showing pneumonia is high at 165. However, the rule is between 0 and 5. A warrior never abdicates,” he wrote.

A few days later, he said from his bed at CHU de Liège that he was getting better.

“I feel better and better, I am taking good care of… Prey or predator? My theory is exactly the same as this life. No need to tell you my choice.”

On December 13, it was determined that he had returned home recovering. Three days later, he was pronounced dead.

“Thank you for your support. I am recovering at home, as I should. I will come back a thousand times stronger.”

His wife first spoke out on Instagram in the past few days to deny that the 40-year-old has died from COVID.

“My husband did not die of COVID and would never have accepted that what happened to him was being used to spread fear and pressure for vaccination.”

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