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Montrego. The health center presents its balance sheet

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The Montrejo Health Center will soon welcome a fourth doctor into its premises. The result of an initiative that works and benefits the entire population.

The Montrejo Health Center is working well. It was administered entirely by the city council, and spent the summer without a shortage of slots, despite the difficulties faced by the shortage of doctors and the 19,000 patients. Doctors at the health center are contract employees for 35 hours a week, with a legal obligation of two days off a week. Today it is the first center that established a doctor. Currently, it fully meets the needs of the region.

Concerned about patient care demands and a shortage of doctors, Montreux Mayor Eric Mikel and Vice President Martin Tarsan are working daily to please residents. They were relieved to see that the center remained open all summer. Among the center’s doctors, Dr. Farhani Allala, aware of the difficulties of planning and above all human, went from 35 hours to 40 hours per week all summer. And the mayor confirms, “With the opening of this health center, it is nevertheless an opportunity for doctors to relieve them on the level of mandatory administrative tasks to start their activity, contrary to liberal practice. In addition, the city continues to offer great offers. Advantages to attract doctors who want to settle in the territory. In fact, Since June, the city has been offering a reception center set up in premises that meet the standards, in terms of housing, with the capacity to receive 3 doctors and/or interns located in the center.”

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At the beginning of October, a fourth doctor will arrive, which will allow the center to open a wider period of time, and the next step is to “open Saturday morning.” In addition, with this possibility, a training plan will open. An additional 20 secretarial hours will also be required. The future is promising for this center because the only slogan is “The health center must meet the needs of the regions.”

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