More than 37,000 trees have been examined and included in the Saguenay List

The inventory of trees in the gardens began last year, and will continue this summer.

City employees use GPS and a smart app to add each plant to Saguenay’s geomatics programme.

We are really proud of this project which is part of the sustainable development effort within the Public Works Department. In the middle of the tree and forest month, we must remember how important the urban canopy, to the ambiance of our neighborhoods and parks, is to create islands of freshness too. With this inventory, we will be able to plan our actions and maintain the health of the urban forest. Sagueni Sustainable Development and Environment Commission Chair Jamie Bouchard said,

A tree on the banks of the Saguenay River with the Chicoutimi port area in the distance.

Saguenay’s goal is to diversify the species on its territory in order to avoid the disappearance of many trees at the same time due to epidemics.

Photo: Radio Canada / Linda Paradis

The Urban Forest Inventory will be renewed every five years. Thus, the city will be able to better target the sectors where interventions are necessary. Various species will be planted to replace diseased trees in order to enhance biodiversity and prevent disease. The urban canopy also protects municipal infrastructure.

free trees

Meanwhile, the city will distribute free trees in cooperation with the Saguenay Watershed Organization on May 28 in the Rivière-du-Moulin park, at bookstores Jonquière and Arvida and at the Canadian Tire store in La Baie.

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