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More than half of the first hospitalized Covid-19 patients had symptoms two years later

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To better understand the evolution of Covid-19, it is important to follow survivors. Studies have been conducted in this case on patients who still showed symptoms of the disease after two years.

COVID-19: Patients show some symptoms after two years

A Chinese study shows that at least one symptom persists in more than half of patients who have contracted Covid-19.

A long study conducted in China

The study consisted of Tracking 1,200 patients admitted in 2020 to Wuhan Hospital. These patients all had Covid-19 virus and watching It was performed once six months. twelve months And then two years later The same follow-up was done on same people.

Subjects underwent Questionnaires about their mental and physical health and when they return to their departments. They were also asked about Their medical care after hospitalization and their physical abilities. The final stage of follow-up consists of asking patients to do so Walk for six minutes.

The same follow-up was done on the day control patients He did not have Covid-19.

results and conclusion

Generally, All patients regained good mental and physical health over time. The majority returned to their jobs within two years. But, symptoms Also observed in other patients. More than half of them still held at least one display. Frequently recurring symptoms include: HeadacheThe flickering and the Dizziness. The control patients It was Better health and better quality of life.

The study will show that Covid-19 patients still have some health difficulties after two years. Hence, they are obligated, much more than just healthy people, to turn to health services. disease requires More than two years to complete recovery.

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A healthy population always offers a health and quality of life that is superior to that of patients who are supposed to recover from Covid-19. Symptoms are much greater in people who have had a long-term illness with COVID-19. However, over time, the situation can improve significantly for all previous patients.

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