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Mother of two disappeared without a trace. The family believes she has been kidnapped

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The search for a missing woman in Britain has been going on for a week. The mother-of-two went for a walk with her dog last Friday, and she never came back. Although the police deny such a scenario, her family believes it could be a kidnapping.

British police have been searching for a week for a mother of two who disappeared last Friday. A 45-year-old woman disappeared without trace while walking her dog. The only thing that was found after Nicole Polley went missing was a mobile phone that was left lying on a bench near the River Wire in Lancashire. Her dog was also found at the same location.

The police are searching the river, but have not yet found any evidence of the woman slipping and falling into the water. So the parents of the missing person fear that someone may have kidnapped her. The missing woman’s partner thinks so, too. However, according to investigators, this version is unlikely, the site writes independent.

The disappearance is still accompanied by mysteries. Nicole’s phone, which was left lying on the bench after her, was still connected to a conference call. “It appears she put the call on mute with the camera off. She was listening in on the call while she was walking her dog,” said her employer, Ben Buchicha, adding that Nicole was supposed to join the call at 9:01 that morning.

Her father told police his daughter was satisfied with her job as a mortgage advisor and had a scheduled appointment with a client before she disappeared. web Mirror He emphasized that his family is going through the most difficult moments of their lives.

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“We dread the thought of never seeing her again. If the worst happens and she can’t be found, how are we going to deal with that for the rest of our lives?” Father Ernst said in despair. According to him, Nikola had no health problems and was in good spirits.

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