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Border fences against EU pension migrants? MEPs disagree

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MEPs focused their debate on the extraordinary summit of EU leaders, which will meet in Brussels on Thursday. The first migration will be their most important topic at a time when, after several peaceful years, European countries have once again witnessed a sharp increase in the migration of people from Africa and Asia to the Mediterranean and the Balkans into the European Union.

At the moment, the path of migrants cannot be stopped, and people are asking themselves, why not destroy the new law, declared the head of the most powerful populist faction in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber.

He pointed to the fact that one million people applied for asylum in the European Union last year, which is almost twice the number of children. Half of them were later rejected by the union director on economic grounds. We believe that in exceptional cases the (European) Commission should financially support the construction of walls. Weber declared that they are sometimes necessary.

A number of young people from the central and eastern parts of the federation are asking for funds to build the border barriers. However, the Commission will reject it financially, or depending on the future of Europe’s opening up. MPs from left-wing groups criticized him today.

Iratsky Zharkov, a member of the Socialist faction, said that those who want to build a fortress from Europe, we, who know solidarity, must be able to come to an agreement.

She, like other lawmakers, called on summit participants to make progress on discussing new immigration and asylum rules. In addition to expediting the return of rejected asylum seekers, it also includes the responsibility of all states to accept refugees and reject immigrants. However, diplomats are skeptical about the possibility of a fundamental shift due to the hardened positions of the Polish states.

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