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National Congress of the Canadian Liberal Party | Mark Carney remains silent about his political ambitions

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(Ottawa) praised Trudeau’s government, discussed his vision for the future of Canada, and pledged to assist the liberals in their efforts to build a better future. Mark Carney did all of this in both the official languages, but he did not say whether or not he intended to go into politics.

Melanie MarquezMelanie Marquez

There was clearly an elephant in the (virtual) room at the Liberal Party of Canada (LPC) National Convention on Friday. The presence of former Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney at the event sparked a lot of people talking, including between the neo-Democrats and the Conservatives.

And it has not disappeared.

The main party was not asked about its intentions within 40 minutes of its exchange with liberal-elect Marcy Ayn, although the latter, a former television journalist, had said the day before the Canadian press that it intended to take Mark Carney’s pulse on this.

Having said that, the fiscal specialist spent several minutes in his opening remarks praising the liberal government for its leadership in combating climate change, because before they came to power, Canada was “going nowhere,” he stated.

Now we are here with a legislative commitment to achieve carbon neutrality, and we are the first G20 country to have a carbon pricing strong enough to make a difference.

Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada

That is why “I will do whatever it takes to support the Liberal Party in our efforts to build a better future for Canadians,” he said. He did not miss the opportunity to throw flowers at work done during the financial crisis of 2008.

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“Where many states failed, Canada stood.”

If Mark Carney’s participation in the large bi-annual liberal bloc has garnered much attention, it is because some consider him to be a potential successor to the party leadership.

In addition to presiding over the Bank of Canada, he served as Governor of the Bank of England and served as the United Nations’ Special Envoy for Climate Finance. And he has just published a book, titled Value (s) – building a better world for everyone.

Journalists were denied access to Mark Carney on Friday.

Hours earlier, Justin Trudeau refused to say whether he hoped to see him on his team of nominees.

“It has a long tradition in the Canadian Liberal Party of hosting speakers with a variety of areas of expertise at conferences, and we are very pleased to have someone of Mark Carney’s caliber,” he said at a press conference.

The opposition mocks Carney

The New Democratic Party (NDP), also at a conference this weekend, and the Conservative Party felt the need to release press releases, both satirical, with the clear goal of discrediting Mark Carney.

Conservative MP Pierre Poulliver said sarcastically that he would lecture Canadians about the need to increase energy prices and “promote new, modern economic experiments, popular with billionaires in Davos.”

In the NDP camp, the fiscal specialist was welcomed “welcome to the big red tent” by asserting that “as the liberals continue to appeal to the rich and the elite, the new democrats will continue to fight for the workers”.

Co-chair of Jolly Campaign

On the second day of this hypothetical convention, the legislature also announced that it was entrusting the organization of the next election campaign, while it was underway, to Quebec Minister Melanie Jolie and Ontario Member of Parliament Navdeep Pines.

To mI Jolie, who worked as a campaign organizer to lead Justin Trudeau and founded a political party from scratch to run for Montreal mayor, it’s like coming home, in a way.

Photo by Alan Roberge, archived press

Melanie Jolly is Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages

It has always been an interest, even a priority, for me, of political organization. I started my active political career like this, starting a party in Montreal […] I know that to win an election, you have to be organized. This is the basis.

Melanie Jolly is Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages

One of her “obsessions” would be persuading more women to try their luck – reshaping representation within the delegation is critical in the context in which the epidemic has affected women the most, says the minister in an interview with Journalism.

Women should have a strong voice in the upcoming elections. It is definitely something that I will work on, because I know that convincing a woman to engage in politics takes more time and more arguments. “I Julie.

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She will co-chair the campaign with Navdeep Baines, the former Minister of Innovation, who chose not to run for a new term. Both of them are famous for their organizational skills and their ability to raise funds.

“The leadership of Mélanie Joly and Navdeep Bains will allow us to prepare an effective and innovative campaign, centered on our positive plan,” Justin Trudeau said in a press release specifying that the Co-Chairs will act. [l’élection] It will run. ”

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