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What do you watch on TV on Saturday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Saturday 10 April:

Today is another day

The heart sometimes has its causes that the mind ignores. A shy, low-self-esteem teenager who falls in love with A, the soul who has to deal with a different body every day. A brilliant and emotional fictional film.

Saturday, 4:02 pm, VAT.

Speed ​​geniuses

Mary Lynn Joncas is back in animation for the second season of this pedal-to-earth meeting. She meets car and racing enthusiasts who, since his teens, have been working on improving his car, the Trans-Am equipped with two nitro cans.

Saturday, 6 pm, Z.

My life is in ruins

In this romantic comedy set in Greece, Nia Vardalos plays a tour guide who is unhappy to be around. However, the person she meets during an organized trip changes the way you look at her life. Also movie starring Richard Dreyfus.

Saturday, 7 pm, evasion.

Live from the universe

Jeanette Reno, one of Quebec’s greatest voices, will be the guest of France Baudouin. The songs you especially love will be translated with authenticity and passion. The artist, who will turn 75 at the end of the month, will wrap up the show’s season.

Saturday, 7 pm, ICI-Canada Télé Radio.

Acts of revenge

During this action movie, Antonio Banderas introduces his features to a lawyer who uses words very skillfully, but pledges silence and transforms his body. why? Because he wishes at all costs revenge on his murdered wife and daughter.

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Samedi, 21h, addikTV.

Catherine Frut

One of the stars of French cinema thanks to her great movie, Catherine Frut is still a far cry from a female diva. Through this documentary, we learn more about this woman who some describe as mysterious, but also easily accessible.

Saturday, 10 pm, TV5.

This is the game

A confrontation between four comic artists discovering a board game that can only ignite sparks. Here, all blows are allowed to taste victory. Who will be able to deploy the most effective strategy? An interesting meeting hosted by Marc Antoine Cotet.

Saturday, 11:30 pm, MAtv.

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