Hurricane Ida continues its path toward Louisiana

(Washington) Hurricane Ida, which was moving away from the Cuban coast Saturday morning, continued its path toward Louisiana, where it is supposed to make landfall Sunday at the end of the day with the strength of a “major hurricane” and “very severe.” dangerous,” the US Meteorological Services warned.

Louisiana residents have until dark to prepare for a hurricane Ida The governor of this southern state of the United States, John Bel Edwards, recommended Saturday, warning of “serious consequences throughout the state.”

Des vents équivalents à ceux d’une tempête tropicale, soit entre 60 et 120 km/h, souffleront sur les côtes de Louisiane dès samedi soir, prévient le National Weather Service (NWS), qui enjoint les habitants souhaitant évacuer fair « le le As soon as possible “.

Most of the storm passed west of Cuba, where ” Ida Heavy rain will continue “on Saturday” which could cause flooding and mudslides, the US Hurricane Center warns.

On Sunday, the coasts of neighboring Louisiana and Mississippi could experience “potentially fatal flooding due to sea level rise,” the National Health Commission warns, “with potentially catastrophic wind damage” as Ida You will sink to the ground.

The latest NHC bulletin “continues to predict thatIda It will reach Class 4 before touching the ground”, on a scale that has 5. It can carry winds over 200 km/h.

Photo by Steve Helper, Associated Press

Mississippi residents prepare for hurricane onset Ida.

Joe Biden on Friday agreed to declare a state of emergency in Louisiana to provide “federal assistance” to preparedness efforts, with voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders issued in some areas.

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On the calm front, the storm Nura It turned overnight into a hurricane and is expected to make landfall in the Mexican states of Jalisco and Nayarit, according to the NHC’s forecast.

Nura The Mexican coast is expected to travel north, bringing heavy rains that can lead to “fatal floods and mudslides,” the NHC notes.

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