net | Rachel Homan and John Morris to represent Canada

Rachel Homan and John Morris have been selected to represent Canada in curling mixed doubles at the Beijing Olympics.

Posted at 10:29 AM

Curling Canada consulted with the Canadian Olympic Committee and Own the Podium ahead of Thursday’s announcement.

The cancellation of the mixed doubles trials prompted the federation to select athletes rather than win their places. Curling Canada canceled last month’s event due to travel risks and COVID-19 cases among registrants.

Canada will battle Sweden, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway and the United States to win the 10-team Olympic tournament.

Homann and Morris have won four of the last six mixed doubles events they have participated in and 45 of the last 49 matches.

Canada’s selection process is made more difficult by the fact that the country’s top two mixed doubles teams were disqualified as qualified for the women’s and men’s events.

Unlike many other federations, Canada does not allow karates to compete in both areas at the Olympics.

Homann and Morris won a world title and three Canadian titles together. The 32-year-old Homan represented Canada in the women’s event at the 2018 Games. Morris, 43, won the gold medal over Kevin Martin’s team at the 2010 Vancouver Games and gold in mixed doubles at the 2018 Olympics, with Kaitlyn Loews.

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