Netflix is ​​a site for travel and filming lovers

Where were the films and series filmed? Ann with EAnd Best MotelsAnd up downhillAnd for all the boysAnd Mrs. gameAnd can you hear me ? and the others Virgin River ? Yes, in Canada. The giant Netflix, which produced or broadcast these works, has also created a new site that allows the integration of travel and filming sites.

Site name: What do we offer there? Titles, lots of titles, and works that come under the umbrella of a broadcast giant filmed somewhere between Nanaimo and Saint John’s, Newfoundland. Using the search engine, it is easy to find the city or region in which the business scenes were filmed.

Take the feature film up downhillProduced by Patrice Laliberte, Produced by Broadcaster. The opening page contains two buttons: About the film and Canadian venues. Choosing the Canadian sites, you arrive at two other proposals, Laurentides and Lanaudière, and from there, to the specific locations of the buds.

This is a way to see the country and learn more about the movies and series you would have been watching.


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