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Netflix is ​​testing a feature to turn off “Are you still here?” “

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Gone are the days when you had to get up from your seat to restart Netflix after hours of brisk watching. The streaming platform is testing a button to deactivate the “Still watching Netflix?” window. To the delight of TV series fans.

Anyone who has commented on more than three episodes of a series on Netflix has experienced it: a window that pauses watching to make sure you’re always in front of your screen.

The service requests the use of this tool out of concern that its users will not do so lose the thread or not Use internet data for nothing. However, this alert is often criticized by people who spend many hours in front of the small screen, completely immersed in the adventures of their favorite characters.

In recent months, streaming fans have seen a new responsive option added to their screen when Netflix steps in: Continue without asking me again.

Since then, many Internet users have congratulated the live broadcasting platform for this initiative by speaking on social networks.

Uncertain spread

If the feature has already been introduced to many service members, especially in the US, it will be necessary to be patient before it is widely rolled out. Netflix is ​​only in the process of testing this button and has not specified when all users will be able to take advantage of it.

What is certain is that this functionality has already won the hearts of many Internet users.

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