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Les Braves celebrate their conquest of the World Championships

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A few schools in the area were closed and students took the opportunity to attend the event.

This is the funniest part,” said Braves president Terry McGurk. In each building, there were only children. I never expected to see so many children.

The show began in downtown Atlanta, near Turner Field, the former home of the Braves. Buses, tanks, and rickshaws boarded the road past a memorial to the late Hank Aaron, a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The procession then proceeded to Peachtree Street, where supporters filled the sidewalks.

Atlanta police estimated that 300,000 to 400,000 supporters attended the parade during the downtown portion.

Fan engagement was just as strong on the last mile of the show, which ended in Trust Park, Braves’ current home. The stadium was full. Thousands of extra fans filled the entertainment complex outside the stadium.

The Braves were drawn to Cobb County with tax incentives and the possibility to build a restaurant, shopping, apartment, and entertainment complex next to Trust Park, which opened in 2017.

McGurk estimated that there were more than a million people in total.

The Braves chief estimates that nearly a million people attended his team’s parade.

Photo: Associated Press/Steve Schaefer

The Braves won the FIFA World Championships by defeating the Houston Astros 7-0 on Tuesday night in Game Six of the series.

Shortstop Dansby Swanson, a native of Marietta, an Atlanta suburb, has had a special role that fans have been waiting for for 26 years.

Swanson said the city had wanted a championship for a long time. It’s good that they closed the schools. Watching kids enjoy the moment and be inspired, there is nothing better.

Despite the cold temperatures, defensive player Jock Pederson wore shorts. Most of his teammates and fans gathered in the streets.

Pederson won the World Championship with the Los Angeles Dodgers last year, but said it was his first show.

It’s amazing, Pederson said. The post is not real. I didn’t expect less. Atlanta is the best. I will remember him forever. It’s a special moment.

Braves manager Brian Snitker climbed into the back of a pickup truck with his wife, Ronnie. Snicker described his supporters’ involvement as ‘ crazy. He added that participation in the show was Unusual.

Hank, who died on January 22, said Billy, Aaron’s widow, at the ceremony in Troist ParkAnd here with us. I loved the Atlanta Braves and I am so happy to see these guys carry the torch..

Braves’ general manager, Quebecer Alex Anthopoulos, was unable to attend match six due to a positive COVID-19 test. He spoke at a hostel during the party and mentioned it Flags fly forever and 2021 will fly forever.

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