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Netflix is ​​preparing a reality show inspired by the Squid Game

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Reality meets fantasy — but not so much, we hope — in the new Netflix production inspired by the popular, dystopian South Korean series. squid game (squid game). And the record amount of a TV show will be 4.56 million US dollars, or roughly 6 million Canadian dollars, at stake.

reality TV Squid Game: Challenge He is recruited all over the world. Production is looking to hire 456 English-speaking players. As in the series, the instructions will be transmitted in one language by loudspeaker, and everyone should be able to understand them well.

The project was announced Tuesday at the Banff International Media Festival in British Columbia, during a roundtable discussion attended by Bella Paraga, senior president of the Netflix TV subsidiary.

The platform also confirmed that its creator and manager squid gameHwang Dong Hyuk, who is currently working on 2e The season of the series, his support for this reality show.

identify the supporters

Various challenges to be faced in Squid Game: Challenge It will be inspired by the fantasy series. However, it is not yet known if the entire cat will be awarded to the winner or if a portion will be paid out to the finalists.

Achieve such competition that Netflix described as Huge social experiencewill pose significant logistical difficulties.

Since the production cannot predict who will succeed in winning the various challenges, it will have to film 456 contestants from the start of the game to provide a montage to the audience that allows them to follow the nominees throughout the program. Candidates for the game.

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Season 1 of squid gameReleased in September 2021, it became the most popular series in Netflix history, with 1.65 billion hours watched in its first 28 days of broadcasting.

Squid Game: Challenge It will be divided into 10 shows. Filming will take place in the UK on an unspecified date.

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