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New graphics app is coming

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The next version of Windows 11, called 22H2, should welcome a new Microsoft app called Designer. Specializing in graphic design, he will present presentations, posters and flyers mainly for social networks.

Sure, Microsoft seems to be gradually expanding the range of software revolving around Windows 11. After the arrival of clipchamp Dedicated to video editing, development one look for email and Sound Recorder For audio recording, it’s the graphic design world’s turn to prepare to welcome a new app: Designer. If you know the Canva platform that allows you to create in just a few clicks Fairly detailed visuals and handoutsYou will probably be interested in the designer. The first screenshots were leaked to the Web at the initiative of the leaker WalkingCat, who is generally familiar with what the American giant hides in its chests.

Therefore, in the program there is a nested graphic design tool Power point A publisher that would make it possible to design posters, invitation cards, flyers and other graphic creations for printing or sharing on social networks. The interface appears to be in line with the tools currently published by the American giant with relatively few menus but easily recognizable functions.

© WalkingCat

There are obviously ready-to-use templates designed for posts on FBOr Instagram or LinkedIn, internal social network, photo libraries, etc.

© WalkingCat

It remains to be seen if the designer will be strong enough to beat the service he can go Which, even in its free version, allows you to create beautiful illustrations as we explain in our working paper here Or even Instagram stories to read here. Microsoft can say more on May 24 at its developer conference building 2022.

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