New Home (514) by Cole Caufield

For a year now, Cole Caufield has been playing for the Canadiens. It happened in three phases: a good end to the 2021 season (and qualifying), a difficult start in 2021-22 and a rebirth under Martin St Louis.

What brought Part 3 back to life was the fact that Coffield is an NHL guy. He won’t be back at Laval anymore and can therefore budget for the rest of things with the NHL salary.

And that’s exactly what he did.

He also published the same in a a story On Instagram, the young man found a new home. Mark everything with the Montreal area code and code, 514.

While many players live on the South Shore for family life and because it is close to club facilities in Broussard, Coffield, the youngest and the boys, chose life in Montreal instead.

I can understand that.

No one mentioned that he bought it, but at the salary he’s on, I’m assuming he didn’t rent. It would make sense for him, in fact, to consider him staying in Montreal.

He won’t be an unrestricted free agent for the next few years.

I don’t know if it was hard for him to find a home, but the housing crisis in Montreal didn’t stop him from finding a home. certainly.

He still has to spend (part of) his summers in Wisconsin, which means CC shouldn’t be in his new home much in the coming months. This season is coming to an end…

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a lot of

Jordan Harris wows.

The men wanted to win for Martin St. Louis and Vincent Locavalier on Saturday. [98.5]

– Always interesting.

– To read.

– Too early?

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