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WhatsApp allows you to open chats with unknown contacts without having to save them first in the latest Android beta.

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Jillian Castillo
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PARIS, April 4 (Benin News / August) –

WhatsApp introduced a new feature in the latest Android beta that gives users the option to start a conversation by tapping on a phone number. without having to register it first.

Currently, when users receive an unknown phone number Via in-app chatThey can only start interacting with it if they have previously saved it in their address book.

Thus, by clicking on the phone number from WhatsApp, the application forwards to the phone to make a call or offers the possibility to copy-paste it and save it in the address book.

However, with the new beta update for WhatsApp for Android,, Launched through the Google Play beta program, it is now possible to start a conversation without having to register a phone number first.

As verified by WABetaInfo, when a user receives an unknown phone number and clicks on it, he has a menu with three options: “Chat with”, “Call with” and “Add to contacts”.

Thus, the update allows the application itself to determine if the mobile phone has a WhatsApp account and speeds up the process. to start chatting Without the user having to save it and update their contact list to appear.

At the moment, this feature is only available for some beta testers and WhatsApp plans to roll it out to more users soon.

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