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New mayors are turning green

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Lip shoes must follow!Electric Mobility Canada CEO and former regional environment minister, Daniel Britton.

For him, it is essential that elected officials lead by example and become greener.

We have a new generation of elected municipal officials arriving, and I think they should be exemplary and lead by example by having at least plug-in hybrids, but ideally 100% electric cars., he thinks.

However, the mayor of Quebec says the greenest option could not have been taken right away for reasons of availability, but also because his team must Security Assessment.

Was that possible? No, because the availability of cars is currently limited in the fleet. This is madness! We had to wait six months for something interestingBruno Marchand explains.

The mayor of Quebec chose a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid like this one. (Archives)

Photo: Getty Images / baronvsp

In any case, its plug-in hybrid car is still better than the mayor of Montreal’s, says Britton. Valérie Plante drives a plug-in hybrid car. This is a 25-year-old technique that has not improved much, he continues. This is also the kind of car he had when he was a minister… about ten years ago.

Longueuil’s new mayor has the same type of hybrid for her official trips. She’d like to switch over to electricity, but she will be overconsumption, says his special advisor, Louis-Philippe Prevost.

In the meantime, she intends to use her personal car as much as possible, which is 100% electric. She bought it in 2018 when she was MP for Marie-Victorian and had to travel a lot to Quebec.

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It has been the mayor’s lifestyle for several years to own an electric car. It’s less polluting, it’s more fun too, confirms Louis-Philippe Prevost.

Sherbrooke’s new mayor, Evelyn Bowden, also owned an electric car prior to her election. While Gatineau is in complete transition; France Bélisle will soon have a plug-in hybrid company car.

The new mayor of Laval also drives a plug-in hybrid when in office. His press officer adds that Stefan Bauer also intends to go green for his personal car since becoming one. Buying an electric car.

The CEO of Electric Mobility Canada, whose mission is to accelerate the electrification of transportation in the country, welcomes the arrival of these new elected officials. It makes the message more believable. When you walk the talk, it’s easier to tell people, “Listen, you need to take action too.”

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