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New Pokemon Snap: An Honestly Promising Outlook

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Has the epidemic frustrated your travel plans? no problem. Soon Nintendo will satiate your thirst for the weirdos by inviting you on a video safari with the much awaited New Pokemon Snap. According to the taste that I got Newspaper One month before the official release, the experience promises to be really exciting.

The popularity of the Pokemon saga cannot be denied. Twenty-five years after the first two video games arrived (Pokemon Red And the Pokemon BlueFor the Curious), Pikachu and his gang continue to dazzle fans of all ages, constantly reiterating their status as icons of popular culture.

Fans of this nature have something to please because these adorable creatures are about to return to service this year, and that’s three times instead of once. expected Sparkling diamond And the Shimmering pearlThe hunt for Pokemon is expected to begin at the end of 2021 New Pokemon Snap.

If the title is already familiar to fans, it is because it is a reworking of the popular game released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64 System. Hypothesis? The player slides into a photographer’s shoe zipping the trail of Pikachu, Ocktleri, Manggrave, Nonoyov and other Guelis in hopes of decorating his Pokédex with pictures. Simple, yeah. But it is still very entertaining for amateurs, who envy seeing these colorful creatures in their natural habitat.

technological improvement

Fans who spent countless hours on top Pokemon Snap Original will find itself in familiar territory when the time comes to insert the new cartridge into their Nintendo Switch console. But the experience will certainly remain different, and it will be boosted by recent technological developments. This became evident at first sight, as Le Journal was able to testify during a preview ten days earlier.

From the first images, one note is clear: this New Pokemon Snap Honestly beautiful. It is recognized that cult beings have unparalleled beauty to date, but the aesthetics of the colorful environments in which they evolve have also been elevated by several degrees. Be it green landscapes, a picturesque beach, or even sand dunes as far as the eye can see, each universe displays a clear attention to detail, making it incredibly appealing.

By the way, you don’t have to be an expert in the complex world of Pokemon, or even know the outlines, to experience almost disproportionate fun seeing Pikachu flying on a tropical beach. There’s also a certain amount of climax, and a feeling of fullness, even while exploring these exotic lands in muted colors.

Luminous orbs

As they explore, players will not be provided with a simple camera. A nice novelty, here they will have luminous orbs (called Lumina Orbs in the English version of the game) allowing them to light up the Pokemon they cross, or simply to have them interact.

Because yes, these creatures interact with the presence of an explorer, which is strange in their habitat. Some will approach the device out of curiosity, while others prefer to hide. In these cases, it will be necessary to use cunning and ingenuity to encourage them to take a pose in front of the lens.

Speaking of that goal, it will now be controlled by Nintendo Switch gamepads with motion sensors. The result: more instinctive maneuvers, smoother and, ultimately, infinitely more fun.

Another new job enabled by existing technologies? Web integration. Pokemon hunters will be able to share their pics with their friends, but also other amateurs around the world.

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In short, Pokemon fans, be informed. Because this new Pokemon Snap promises a revised, refreshed and totally alien experience.

And from what we’ve seen, the game will fulfill both of these promises.

The new Pokémon Snap will be available on the Nintendo Switch starting April 30th.

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