multimedia | Google pledges to simplify the transition from an iPhone to an Android smartphone

(ETX Daily Up) – Google has decided to simplify the migration of data from iPhone to Android device, by launching an all-new dedicated app. Switch to Android, which is installed on the iPhone, allows you to manage the transfer of contacts, calendar, photos and videos step by step.

Switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone also means switching from the world of Apple to the world of Google. As a result, it is sometimes complicated to back up and transfer data from one device to another.

In order to simplify this process, Google has developed a new application called “Switch to Android” (“Switch to Android” in the original version), which is supposed to facilitate the secure transfer of personal data (photos, videos, contacts, memos) from iPhone to Android terminal. In order to “connect the two devices”, the app displays a QR Code on the iPhone, to be scanned using the Android smartphone. Then, the app guides the user through each step, from deactivating iMessage to transferring various data. Be warned, though, that like many innovations from Google, this app initially only works with the Pixel range of smartphones. Application Switch to Android From Google for free from the App Store (iOS).

Today, the best way to make this switch is also through an app, usually preinstalled by your phone manufacturer. However, the list of data to be transferred is sometimes limited. Regarding his contacts and his schedule, it is best to connect on his computer to iCloud and export them, so that he can then install them on his new smartphone via the settings of the Contacts app. For miscellaneous photos, videos, and documents, the easiest way is to copy them to Google Drive and photos from your iPhone so that you can then access them from any other smartphone.

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