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No co-op and Forge fashion campaign before May 2022

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Halo Infinite is scheduled to arrive on December 8, 2021 for PC and Xbox. The developers have already announced that we will have to do without two distinguishing features of the saga: the co-op campaign and the Forge mode. Unfortunately, players will have to wait a while before enjoying it.

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Some may see it as betrayal, but unfortunately it has to be done. In fact, infinite aura, the highly anticipated next installment in the saga, will not feature a co-op campaign or Forge mode when it launches December 8, 2021 on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Xbox X And S series..

The developers of 343 Industrie announced the news several months ago. In August 2021, they determined that a file The co-op campaign will be available when the second season launches, while Forge mode will be scheduled for Season 3. Now as you know, Microsoft has taken advantage of Xbox 20th Anniversary to announce Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta Early Beta.

All PC and Xbox players can try out the multiple components of the title since November 16. by the way, The opening of the first season has been announced, accompanied by an all-new Battle Pass. And while he thought this season would only last three months, it would finally end in May 2022. Then he begs a question: Will this new calendar delay the launch of the co-op campaign and formation mode? Unfortunately, that will be the case.

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There is no co-op and Forge fashion campaign before May 2022… at best

In fact, Joseph Staten, Creative Director at 343 Industries, provided details of the studio’s plans. According to him, the launch of the co-op campaign for Season 2 is still planned. In other words, it will not happen before May 2022. As for the Forge mode, we will have to wait longer, and the goal is still to cast it for the first time in Season 3. But the framework would like to mention that these are the output windows that can be modified if necessary. :

We can’t commit to any fixed dates at this time, because as we note with this multiplayer beta, other things can raise the order of priority for us. If it turns out that our progression system isn’t working the way we expected, if we have to move some of those larger files I talked about earlier, we’ll make those decisions as a team. And communicate clearly with our fans.”

For now, the director confirms that the co-op campaign has already been internally tested, but It still requires many modifications : “We want it to be a great experience. We don’t just want to launch a collaborative campaign that’s barely working. We want to deliver a stable and robust co-op campaign with the features players have come to expect.”

Source : Eurogamer

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